Choosing between whether to rent or buy isn’t just about the cost of living. In fact, both pathways have unique lifestyle considerations, financial factors, and conveniences.  

As a local team of Realtors who specialize in helping relocators find their ideal home in Calgary, we’ve got a few tips for helping you decide whether or not to buy or rent. Let’s get started. 

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Before You Arrive: Securing Housing

Regardless of where you’re relocating to Calgary from, you’ll have a lot on your plate when it comes to settling in a new city. Having a stable foundation for the next chapter of your life starts with securing a place to live. 

While there are certain instances where you may wish to find housing upon arrival in the city, securing a comfortable place to live in advance is generally the way to go. Having secure housing in place can help you minimize the stress associated with your move and cut back on the expenses of temporary housing. 

Buying – Pros & Cons

Pro: Building Equity

Buying a home allows you to build equity over time. Instead of paying rent to a landlord, your monthly mortgage payments contribute towards owning an asset that can appreciate in value. Calgary’s real estate market has historically experienced steady growth, providing potential financial benefits for homeowners. Building equity can also offer a sense of stability and security, knowing that you are investing in your future.

Pro: Making the Space Your Own

One of the main advantages of buying is having greater flexibility with your living space. As a homeowner, you have the freedom to personalize the property to your heart’s content (as long as it fits within local regulations and bylaws). Whether you wish to renovate, make unique interior design choices, or have fun with the landscaping, buying lets you tailor your home to your tastes and preferences. 

Con: Maintenance & Repairs 

Buying a home comes with the responsibility of keeping it in good condition. Not only can maintenance and repairs be a hassle to take care of, but the related costs can add up quickly and potentially strain your budget.

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Renting – Pros & Cons

Pro: Flexibility 

One of the best perks of renting is that it gives you the freedom to be mobile. Speaking broadly, renters have the freedom to relocate more easily, whether it’s for career opportunities or personal preferences. As a relocator, this flexibility can be helpful as you decide where to lay down roots long-term.

Pro: Lower Barrier to Entry 

Another big advantage of renting is that the upfront costs are far less significant compared to a home purchase. While there are initial costs when you begin a lease, such as the first and last months’ rent, a security deposit, and other one-off expenses, rental housing has a much lower financial barrier to entry compared to buying. If you’re moving out west without a substantial amount of savings or equity that you can leverage, renting might be the right choice for you. 

Con: Less Stability 

One of the downsides that come with renting a home is the reduced degree of stability. 

As a growing city, rental costs in Calgary are trending upwards. Even after finding a place to live, your rent can go up periodically. 

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Finding Your New Home

Calgary is an amazing place to live. That said, the process of relocating to a new city is easier said than done. Instead of getting overwhelmed, working with an experienced real estate team that specializes in supporting newcomers can help you make a smooth transition. That’s where we come in. 

As longtime professionals and proudly-local property owners, Dolce Real Estate Group is your best resource for acing your relocation. We know local real estate inside and out and have a time-tested system for helping relocators lay down roots. With five different languages spoken by members of our team, we’re able to support new Calgarians no matter where you’re coming from. 

In addition to helping you find the right home, we’ll act as your personal guides to discovering Calgary and settling into your new life in Alberta. 

If you’re looking for an expert to guide you through the process of relocating to Calgary, look no further than our dedicated team of Realtors. Call 403.999.5882 to get in touch – or click to send us an email

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