It’s fun to decorate our houses for each season of the year but all the decor can add up to a lot of money and a lot of storage space. To cut down on cost and the mountain of blue bins in your basement here are a few of our tips to still get the same seasonal taste without all the extra baggage (pun intended).

1) Only style a few rooms within your home

Pick a room in your home that you frequent most often enough to decorate. The living room and the kitchen are probably the two areas most used in homes, so building up the pumpkin spice spirit in those spaces is sure to add a little zest to the entire family’s fall.

2) Get seasonal hand towels

Fun hand towels are easy to come by and they’re generally pretty affordable. Pick up a few with some cute sayings or prints to add a little personality to your kitchen or bathrooms. However, I urge you to learn from my mistakes and don’t put a white towel in the main bathroom, especially if you live with men or young boys, because the next thing you know they’ll be using it to clean up the spill on the floor. (RIP white reindeer towel.)

3) Don’t forget your front porch

Decor pieces like floor lanterns and vases can double as backyard accessories in the summer. If you already have some of these in your backyard, consider pulling them to the front (if your neighbourhood is generally theft free) to dress the steps. Let the kids have their touch on the decor by inviting them to carve pumpkins.

4) Blankets

Throw blankets feel like less of a splurge since they’re as functional as they are aesthetic. Nothing feels better than curling up under a cozy blanket with a good book or a hot drink on a cool fall night. Home sense always has a large selection of seasonal throw blankets for reasonable prices.

5) Get pillow covers (without the interior cushioning)

This is my favourite seasonal decor hack that I’ve been doing for years. Purchase cushion covers to go over your existing decor pillows on couches or beds (or both if you have a little extra money to play with). Covers use up minimal space when stored in your linen closet and easy pop onto other cushions come their season to shine. Just make sure you purchase the right size cover.

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