If you’re a homeowner in Calgary who is thinking about selling, today’s market offers no shortage of advantages. Thanks to an influx of young buyers in the city’s housing market, many sellers are enjoying smooth, high-return sales. 

In this blog, we’ll touch on Calgary’s new wave of younger buyers and how homeowners can take advantage of this momentum to achieve a great sale. 

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A New Generation of Growth

As a city whose rapid growth has allowed it to thrive on a major scale, Calgary has always welcomed newcomers from across Canada and the world. While the population has seen a few fluctuations over the years, today’s wave of incoming relocators is adding a fresh, exciting energy to the city. 

Along with Calgary’s steady economy and high quality of life, the city’s abundance of affordable housing has made it particularly popular with young people who are looking to lay down roots. Compared to other Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, or even Halifax, the financial barrier to homeownership is much lower in Calgary. 

However, as more incoming buyers arrive – along with a new generation of local buyers entering the market, Calgary real estate has seen an uptick in demand. As a result, homes in the city have become much more valuable. 

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How Sellers Can Take Advantage of Today’s Market

Just like the city itself, demand for real estate in Calgary has been growing steadily in recent years. For existing homeowners, this upward momentum offers plenty of opportunities for success. 

With a healthy pool of motivated buyers looking for a home just like yours, the odds of a fast, high-return sale are much higher in today’s market compared to years past. 

Further, as buying conditions become more competitive, there is a greater likelihood of having multiple buyers interested in your property. This could trigger a multi-offer scenario or bidding war, helping you sell for even more than your asking price. 

Getting Ready For the Market: Strategic Upgrades 

Although real estate in Calgary is in high demand, you will still need to make your home stand out on the market in order to get the best result. In addition to highlighting the existing features of your home, making a few selective upgrades could help take your listing to another level in the eyes of younger buyers.

What Are Younger Buyers Looking For?

Like many other industries, tastes can evolve over time when it comes to real estate. With that in mind, many of today’s buyers are looking for specific home features that past generations may have overlooked. For instance, contemporary features such as smart home technologies and high-efficiency appliances have become increasingly sought after. 

Your Secret Weapon

In addition to being the centre of your everyday life, your home is also one of your greatest financial assets. When the time comes to sell, you will face a number of critical decisions. The most important of these will be the real estate agent you choose to list your home. 

You’ll want an agent who is vastly knowledgeable about Calgary, its communities, and the ever-shifting real estate landscape. The right agent will be able to analyze your property and make key recommendations on how to tailor your listing to match the tastes of younger buyers. 

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Dolce’s Elite Selling Services

We understand just how monumental selling your home can be. That’s why we’re completely dedicated to ensuring you get the greatest possible return while enjoying a low-stress and straightforward experience along the way. 

We’ve been selling Calgary homes for more than a decade. We’ve seen all kinds of market fluctuations, demographic shifts, and industry changes – remaining as a top-performance team throughout it all, even in the lowest markets. Leveraging this experience, our time-tested techniques outshine the average agent. 

In addition to local buyers, our team directly specializes in working with incoming relocators. We understand buyer-wants better than anyone and can tailor your listing to attract a strong pool of interest. 

Whatever your home or selling goals may look like, we’re able to interpret the current market and help you capitalize to get the most money for your property.

Ready to sell your Calgary home? Reach our team by phone at (587)-229-7108 or send us an email at info@dolcerealestate.ca to get in touch.

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